Beef exports have the 2nd best performance for a 1st semester

Cepea, July 16, 2021


CATTLE – Fed cattle prices were at high levels in the first semester this year. The reasons for that are the low supply of ready-to-slaughter animals and the good performance of beef exports.


From January to June, the Brazilian exports of in natura beef totaled 735.87 thousand tons, according to data from Secex. This is the second best result for the period, below that registered in the first semester of 2020 (777.4 thousand tons; downing 5.35%). In June alone, Brazil shipped 140.31 thousand tons of in natura beef, 10.7% higher compared to May/21, but 8% below the record in June last year, and the second best performance in history considering this month.


Still according to Secex, Brazilian beef exports have been above 100 thousand tons for three years. This scenario reinforces that shipments have been operating at a new level and indicates that the national production needs to continue investing in technology – to increase productivity – in order to meet the international demand and boost demand in the domestic market.


SWINE – In June, pork exports (in natura, industrialized and salted meat) hit the second highest volume in history – the record was registered in March 2021. The main reason for that in both occasions is the volume shipped to China.


Secex data indicate that 107.5 thousand tons of pork were exported in June, 6.7% more than in May and 12.9% higher in relation to June/20.


Shipments to China totaled 58.9 thousand tons in June, 8.5% up compared to May/21 and a record, accounting for 54.8% of the total volume exported by Brazil in the month. In spite of the increase, players are concerned, since China has been investing significantly on the national swine production.


POULTRY – As expected by the sector, embargoes from Saudi Arabia to Brazilian slaughterhouses in May limited drastically chicken meat shipments to the country. In spite of that, the export increase of the Brazilian product to other important destinations, such as China and Japan, counterbalanced the decrease of exports to Saudi Arabia, sustaining the total volume sold by Brazil.


According to data from Secex, chicken meat exports to Saudi Arabia dropped significantly (-51%) from May to June, totaling only 23.2 thousand tons, the smallest volume since June/18. Shipments to China and Japan, on the other hand, rose 2.6% and 12.5%, respectively, amounting 56.6 and 36.4 thousand tons.


As a whole, Brazilian chicken meat exports totaled 397.5 thousand tons in June, 4.1% down in relation to May – it is worth nothing that sales in that month were one of the highest in history. Still, shipments last month increased 16.2% compared to June/20 – Secex data.





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